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The Permission Slip Booklet

It's like a coupon book but with permission slips instead.

Self-Assembly Permission Slip Book


6 pages of colorful or black & white inspiring permission slips are to be assembled the same as a coupon book.


Permission to....

be "too loud"

take up space

be you!

and 42 more for a total of 45 permission slips.


Give yourself, your friends, and the people you cherish in life to have permission to be the fullest version of themselves.

We All Want/ Need Permission Sometimes

     Inspired by a conversation with a friend I went home and created this fun permission slip book. The realization hit me that we often hide so many aspects of ourselves in life. What if someone just gave us permission to be who we are, like what we like, and express how we want? Bam! My creation brings this into a physical reminder.

This book is something you can use to give yourself permission or give to a friend in need. You can print and assemble the whole book for a nice gift to give to someone you cherish. Hand out permission slips to random strangers just to brighten a day. There are so many ways you can incorporate these into your life.

What's included:

Two PDF digital downloads of  The Permission Slip Book. One is in color and the other is in Black and white.

ONLY $5.55

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