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Sacred Bath Rituals E-Book

Enrich your life with sacred bath rituals.

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Sacred Bath Rituals E-Book

Indulge your senses as you immerse yourself in fragrant water.

Embrace the sacred as you enter a bath with full intention.

Create healing baths, awakening baths, purifying baths, and more.

What's in a Bath


      Baths are an excellent way to take time for yourself.  You can enter with so many different intentions.  A bath can be seen as something to clean your body at its most basic level, but a bath can be so much more.  Simple additions to your bath water can help it become more healing and aid the body with its aches and pains.  Adding ambiance can heighten your senses to a desired intention as you take these moments to be present.

     In this book, you will be given a variety of baths.  Each one has its intended purpose.  Then I explain how you can create your own bath ritual specific to your needs and desires.  If you wish to take your baths to the next level and set in on the sacredness, then this is the book for you.

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What's in the book:

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