Mind & Soul


Guided Meditations

Check out my YouTube channel for FREE guided meditations.



I write and record you a personalized meditation. 


Live sessions with me allow for some conversation, answers to your questions, and a personalized guided meditation.



This is an ancient breathing practice that uses pranayama to awaken and heal your body. Participating in this guided experience gets you intensely breathing and taking in more oxygen while increasing your circulation and qi.


An individual guided session may include 1-2 people.


Attend an online or in-person class.  See events for class dates.

Guiding Enlightenment

Get on the phone or face time with me.  We can talk about anything on your mind.  A session may include (but not limited to): being a sounding board for you, answering questions you have, going over your human design or Mayan oracle, creating a plan for forwarding movement and growth, mediation, pulling an oracle card for you, helping you with new ideas.  The sky is the limit!


30-Minute Chat


60-Minute Chat


90-Minute Chat


2-Hr Chat



Self-growth and self-empowerment take lots of work.  The process can call upon us to change habits and adopt new lifestyle choices.  I am here to be your accountability angel.  Packages will be negotiated based on your needs and desires and goals.

Accountability can look like a series of personal chat sessions.  It could be available to me through text and video messaging.  It could be me reaching out on a consistent and continual basis or sending periodic encouragement/inspiration.


If you are interested book a free 15-minute discovery chat with me.  Ask questions and see if we are the right fit for each other.