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Your "How Now?"

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Are you a writer? An entrepreneur? A teacher? 

Do you feel like your hitting a wall? 

Do you have writer's block? 


Maybe you just need that extra idea that is going to help push you to the next step.

I offer creative brainstorming sessions to help get you over your hurdle.  Guaranteed to leave you with a list of new ideas and directions to take your next project.

I will meet with you online or in person.  We will both sign a confidentiality contract so that you can be secure that your ideas will be kept secret until you release them to the public.  Then we go over your texts, projects, or ideas and I help you add to them.

Art Modeling

I offer modeling services to artists, photographers, and other creative endeavors.  I have done performance art since childhood.  I've performed live on stage, in film projects, and sat for artists over the past 30 years.

$$ price negotiable depending on gig 





One Hour                 $55

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Elisha LightAngel