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Picking Quality Oils: A 'How To' Guide

Updated: Jan 1

DISCLAIMER: I am an average person on a quest for more knowledge. I am no expert but as I learn I share with you. This article may contain some affiliate links. This means if you click on it and buy I receive a small commission. This helps me stay home more so I can pour out my knowledge here. I sincerely appreciate all your support.

Have you ever looked at all the essential oils out there and wondered which one you should buy? I know I have. It can feel a bit daunting with so many freakin options. Which brand is the best? Which brand is the worst? Does the cheap price mean it's not that good? Does the expensive price make it better? How can we make a decision with a million options? How can we know the best option?

At first, it was surprising to me how much there is to learn about the oils. The quality of oils can differ from bottle to bottle and brands to brand. I suppose it makes sense since every batch comes from plant matter and those plants can vary from season to season and year to year. How is it then, that you can tell the difference? Well, that's what we are gonna talk about today.

I feel like there are a few questions you need to answer for yourself and then do the research to make sure that you find exactly what meets your match. So here are things I ask myself and then the things I am on the lookout for whenever I do my own research. That being said, sometimes I just buy something anyway to see how I like it. I did do another blog with my own personal take on researching in case you wa