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About Elisha LightAngel

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Hello Beautiful You!


     I’m Elisha LightAngel a licensed massage therapist since 2010, certified essential oil specialist, a self-care enthusiast, qigong instructor, muse, artist, empath, intuitive, and a mom.  Whew!  That's a lot of hats.


     I'm here to provide support, inspiration, guidance, motivation, and practical tools to help restore vigor and vitality, find inner peace, and ignite the pleasureful experiences in life.   I help others embrace self-care through bodywork, meditations and providing self-care tools and events.  

     After nearly two decades of a binge and purge eating cycle, self-loathing, extreme stress, and anxiety with bouts of intermittent depression I embarked on an intense yet gloriously unexpected journey to self-love.


   At the age of  27 I found myself facing my most feared position in life….becoming a single mom.  I hit survival mode and worked two jobs to stay afloat and survive while trying to provide for and be a good mom to my precious son Bailey.  Two years later I hit an all-time low point and was seriously considering suicide but I knew it wasn’t really an option since I had a little one to take care for.

In a whirlwind of depression, I impulsively signed up for a massage therapy school where some of my first lessons in self-care were laying the foundation in my consciousness.  I learned about the human body and several different ways to care for and nurture it. I began doing things differently in my daily life and started small acts of self-care which have become greater over time and led me to love me.  



     Being a massage therapist then led me to qigong where I learned the power of mindfulness, stillness, breathing, and connection.  I became a qigong instructor with Supreme Science Qigong and later studied and certified in their food healing program.



     I’ve been both a participant and space holder in shamanic medicine ceremonies, experienced several different types of workshops and intensive healing retreats. I’ve searched high and low to find as many different ways as I can for one to enact self-care in their lives. If I toot my own horn, I have to say I did pretty good.





Health & Wellness Advocate

Bodywork / Massage Therapist

Energy Work Practitioner

Breathwork Coaching

Qigong Instructor


Essential Oil Specialist

Human Design Enthusiast


Guided Meditations

     Today I love myself more than ever and I know how to handle my emotional well being when life throws me curveballs. 


Don't get me wrong, I still am and always will be a work in progress.  There are definitely days that can feel harder to manage and I can get "bent out of shape, however,  I can revert back to amazing tools I've learned to help me through.  



     All this amazing life experience has provided me with a wide variety of tools that can help you achieve more inner peace and happiness so you can feel more invigorated and ready to serve the world and those around you in the way you truly desire.



     Whenever I am not working and helping others learn to feel good about themselves, you can find me hanging with friends, going on adventures with my amazing partner, delving into some kind of hands-on project, or focusing on my heart mission with the Super Love Heroes.

Want to know a little more?  

Here are 10 fun facts about me:


  1. I have lived full-time in a skoolie a.k.a. a school bus converted into an RV

  2. I’m the oldest of four with one sister and two brothers

  3. In the school of hard knocks, I have been twice married and twice divorced and I am now experiencing the best relationship of my life

  4. You can often find me nerding out on human design, the Mayan Oracle, and astrology

  5. I’m obsessed with coconut and owls

  6. Taking a road trip is my favorite way to travel

  7. I’m a DIY junkie

  8. My burps are really unique and make everyone turn their heads when they hear it

  9. Dancing is my absolute favorite self-therapy technique

  10. My fantasy vacation has me breaking into and exploring the pyramids in Egypt. 

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 Interested in learning more about what I do and how I can help you gain better traction in your

life and help you embrace yourself for all of who you are?




Check out My Offerings


I look forward to serving you and helping you take your life journey to the next level.




                                                                       Elisha LightAngel

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