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LightAngel Healing Arts LLC logo.  It is a butterfly with the letters L & A on it with a flower

About Us

LightAngel's Healing Arts

      LightAngel’s Healing Arts is a place to come relax, receive healing, grow, and transform.  Become immersed in a sensory experience that provides positive benefits for your whole being.


     Started in 2022 by Elisha LightAngel, a massage therapist to facilitate bodywork for those in the community.  We were born from a vision to bring healing in various forms from massage therapy/bodywork, to energy healing, sound healing, aromatherapy, meditation, breathwork, and more.  All modalities are ever-growing and expanding to assist in healing the body, mind, and soul on a holistic level.


     We also offer online courses and digital products that go along with self-care, embodiment, and self-growth.  This is a place for continued growth both as a company and for each of us as individuals.


Tenants we stand by:


  • Healing starts from within.  We are the space holders and facilitators to assist you in healing yourself.


  • Each person deserves to be seen, recognized, and have a safe space to heal and grow.


  • We are whole beings and by denying one aspect of our being we are essentially denying our entire selves.


  • Everyone deserves healing and to feel whole.


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