Massage & Bodywork 

Work - Me - Over Massage

Work-me-over massage utilizes medium to heavy pressure and a variety of techniques including deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, and medical massage.  This massage is designed to work out stubborn knots and deep into the tissue to increase mobility and proper body functioning.  This is a great option if you need to feel like your muscles were pounded out, you simply enjoy a deeper pressure, or your muscles feel like rocks.   It's also great for targeting specific issues such as sciatica, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, or injuries to specific areas.

30 Minutes of Work - Me - Over  -  $40

In a 30 minute session, we have time to focus on a specific area.  This is best if you only need work on one body part such as:

back, neck, and shoulders, just the neck, sciatic pain, rotator cuff issues, tendonitis or tennis elbow, runners legs, plantar fascitis, or something specific to your body.

60 Minutes of Work - Me - Over  -  $80

In a 60 minute session, we have enough time to give the full body attention with some deeper work.  About half the session is usually focused on the back and the other half is divided up for the arms, neck, legs, and feet.

90 Minutes of Work - -Me - Over  -  $115

This is the BEST option, especially for deeper work.  Sometimes those knots can be stubborn or the muscles need extra time to release into a relaxed state.  The 90-minute session allows the therapist to really focus and hone in on each muscle group as well as give your problem points the extra attention they need.  For the best results, this is the massage to choose.

Soothing Touch Massage

Soothing touch utilizes light to medium pressure and smooth rhythmic movements to help aid in deep relaxation and general relief from everyday body tension and stress.  This is the best choice when you need to relax, de-stress, and take a break from life to rejuvenate both your body and mind.


30 Minutes of Soothing Touch  -  $35

In a 30 minute session, you can choose to either focus on:

- Your back, neck, and shoulders on the backside of the body              

-Your entire backside of the body, head to toes

-Scalp, arms, and feet on the front of the body


60 Minutes of Soothing Touch  -  $70

In a 60 minute session, you receive a full body massage.  This includes the back, neck, shoulders, front and back of legs and arms, scalp, and face.  Think of this as your basic standard massage.  It is the perfect place to start for a first massage.

90 Minutes of Soothing Touch Massage   -  $100

Do you feel like your 60-minute sessions go by fast?  Maybe you would enjoy 90 minutes better.  In my opinion, this is the BEST length of time for a massage.  It includes the same full-body massage you receive in a 60-minute session, but longer! This means the therapist can be fully attentive to all the muscles in your body without feeling rushed.

Sacred Lomi Lomi Massage

120 min  -  $150

Sacred Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian-style massage.  It utilizes smooth flowing strokes designed to relax the receiver into a hypnotic-like trance.  The therapist dances around the body combining the flow of bodywork, dance, and breathwork to give you an experience unlike any other.  Feel yourself transported beyond space and time as you fully melt onto the massage table.

We will set a healing intention at the beginning of the massage and hold the intention throughout the session.  This massage does not allow for talking so you can fully relax into it.  This session is 105 minutes of hands-on work but a 2-hour slot is allocated so you can rest for a bit afterward and come back to yourself.  Expect to be "massage drunk".  

Note: This massage is done completely unclothed with minimal draping.  I do everything I can to create a warm and hospitable environment to help facilitate your comfort and healing.  If this is uncomfortable for you, that's okay,  this is not the massage for you, I have other offerings.

Garshana & Abhyanga

75 min  - $115

This is a traditional Ayurvedic massage one can get daily to maintain good health. 


It begins with garshana which is a mild exfoliation with silk gloves that stimulates the skin and lymphatic system, increases circulation, and prepares the skin to receive healing oils administered in the next step. 


Then we begin abhyanga, a smooth rhythmic ayurvedic massage that assists in lymphatic drainage and assists the body in healing.  It utilizes healing oils that saturate and moisturize the skin. 


Note: This massage is performed with minimal draping.  A bikini can be worn if desired.  This utilizes a lot of oil, and I mean A LOT,  as is tradition with an ayurvedic massage.  I do not have a shower at my facility but I do have hot towels.  I recommend being able to return home to shower before meeting other life obligations after this massage.

The Shamanic Massage Experience

90 min  -  $100

In this 90-minute session, I combine massage and angelic light ray energy work to provide an intuitively guided experience. The physical massage aids the body in releasing tension and receiving healing.  The angelic light ray energy work focuses on the aura and energetic system around the body.  It will help to re-balance chakras and release attached negative energies.  I often incorporate sound healing via vocals, tuning forks, and singing bowls in my sessions as well.


This is best for the body, mind, and soul all-encompassing experience.