Massage Services




Dragonfly Village

112 W. 8th St.

Stillwater, OK 74074

30 Minutes - $40


One Hour - $75


90 Minutes - $110


Two Hours - $145


Shamanic Energy Healing Session - $40


Massage Types:

All massages are the same price per hour regardless of what style, technique, or modality is used.  I have training in the following styles:

Swedish Massage


Pregnancy Massage

Medical Massage

Myofascial Release

Thai Massage


Lomi Lomi

Deep Tissue Massage

Deals / Specials

OSU Student Discount 25% off services

All massages scheduled in your birthday month 25% off

     I have been a licensed massage therapist since March 2010.  I studied at ATI and have continued learning and honing my craft over the past several years.  I have studied Swedish massage, Pregnancy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Medical Massage, Reflexology, QiGong, Vedic Thai Yoga (Thai Massage), with a dabble of knowledge in other methods not yet studied.


     I am a natural healer and an intuitive.  I can channel energy through in a way that resembles Reiki.  I can give energy sessions to help aid in re-balancing, clearing, grounding, healing on different energetic levels, and restore creativity and vitality.


     My massages are given intuitively.  This means I will connect with your body and deliver the techniques that are best for your body at that moment.  Let's just say... I can magically find all those spots you didn't know were needing the extra TLC.


     I'm currently located at Dragonfly Village in downtown Stillwater, Ok.






Most days I am available between 5pm - 9pm. 

Occasionally I will be available earlier in the day. 

To check times click on the book now button.

Payments can be made with cash, credit card, Paypal, or Facebook Messenger.


Best ever!

I had the pleasure of getting a massage from Elisha a few days ago and I never felt better!
I'm used to getting professional massages and Elisha is by far the best I've had :)
She leaves your body feeling relaxed for days!

- Mandy

An intuitive healer with radiant infectious joy

I refer a lot of friends to Elisha, she is one of my favorite healers to know. She consistently brings a smile to my face and encourages laughter as a form of natural healing. Her massage practice is a combination of intuition, reiki, and skilled training that I generally prefer to most massage therapists. After 3 years of not being able to walk and complete recovery, I fully trust Elisha to help me. I have also attended her breathwork therapy classes and Qi Gong classes and she is an excellent guide and teacher. She is very professional and always goes above and beyond.

- Zoey Coley

Such an Amazing Healer

Elisha knows the human body, what it needs - where it hurts, how to heal those hurts. She can make the pain go away and without causing pain in the process. I've seen her for many years and I am very picky on massages. How I feel about hers can be summed up in a few words: I love it. It is amazing.

- Chad LaNier 


Elisha is very intuitive and will give you the massage that you deserve. She's a pleasure to see. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for some true healing!

- Stephanie Bell 

Truly a master therapist

When I moved to Dallas from Houston, I was dreading finding a new massage therapist. However, I became very lucky and found Elisha Martin. I could not be more happy with her service! While working in the mortgage industry, things get very stressful. Elisha is able to melt that stress away with her wonderful technique. I also suffer from horrible migraines and have had massage therapy since I was nineteen. In the last 16 years of receiving massage therapy, I can vouch that Elisha has to be in my top five! It is like she had eyes in her fingertips and knows where to go to help relieve the pain in your muscles. Not only is she a fabulous therapist and well versed in a number of different modalities, she is a great person as well! Her energy is very calm and I feel so relaxed after I leave from my massage. Thank you, Elisha, for all you do!

- Azure 

Elisha LightAngel