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LightAngel's Signature Massage

Me giving a back massage

LightAngel's Signature Massage

     Our signature massage is customized for each client utilizing a variety of techniques in the therapist’s skill set.  The massage can range from a light relaxing pressure to a very firm and deep pressure, depending upon the client's preferences and needs.  This is great for relaxation, easing everyday body tension, de-stressing, working out pesky knots, or addressing specific issues such as sciatica, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and other injuries.


30 Minutes - $45

   When you're short on time or just need a quick fix the thirty-minute massage comes in to save the day.  Usually, only one or two areas of the body get focused on as there is not enough time for a full body massage.


60 Minutes - $85

   The average time and perfect for a nice relaxing full-body massage or some focused work if needed.  Great for a first massage or regular body maintenance.


90 Minutes  - $125

    This is the BEST option for relaxation and especially for deeper work.  The 90-minute session allows the therapist to focus and hone in on each muscle group as well as give your problem points the extra attention they need.  For the best results, this is the massage to choose.



CBD                              $10 

- CBD oil is added and massaged into the whole body.  Great for reducing and taking the edge off of pain.


Hot Stones                    $6 

- Hot stones are incorporated into your massage experience for extra warmth, relaxation, and deep heat to the muscles.


Aromatherapy             $10 

-Incorporate essential oils into your massage based on lovely scents and added plant benefits.


Magnesium Therapy   $6 

-Magnesium oil is added to the massage lotion to absorb into the muscles.  Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxor and can aid in calming your muscles.

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