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Know When to Say 'NO' in Business

Updated: Jan 1

We tend to think of a ‘no’ as a big red stop sign in the middle of the street. But has it ever occurred to you that sometimes saying ‘no’ is what’s going to push you forward?

While this particular blog is geared toward entrepreneurs like myself, it can be applicable to any kind of job that demands a lot from you. Even these same concepts can be applied to other areas of your life when needed. It's up to you on how you utilize your time and tend to your self-care.

When you’re in business, you’re going to find a plethora of opportunities coming your way. That can become a problem because the temptation is to say ‘yes’ to everything – after all, who knows when another such opportunity is going to come your way? But more often than not, by saying ‘yes’ early, you might be tying up resources that you could put to better use elsewhere. Your ‘yes’ could be and probably IS hurting your business.

How can you tell where you should say no?