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Personalized Products

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What is a Personal Aromatherapy Blend?

I hand blend a product utilizing essential oils, carrier oils, and other natural ingredients tailored to your personal needs, wants, and scent gratification.  This product can have a health benefit or be an exclusive scent created just for you.

Examples of Products I Can Custom Create:
Essential Oil Roll-On
Body Butter

Nasal Inhalers
Smelling Salts
Bath Salts
Sugar/Salt Scrubs
Bath Bombs
Essential Oil Diffuser Blend 5ml


Aromatherapy two jars on top a dresser
Aromatherapy herbs being mixed in a mortar and pestal

How Does the Process Work?

Step 1) Online Consultation:
Click on the button for the consultation request form.  It will take you to a questionnaire.  Fill this out.  I will message you upon receiving your completed form.  We will correspond through email to make an agreement and time frame in which I can deliver.  

Step 2) Agreement & Payment Made:
After consulting via email and coming to an agreement and 
payment I will begin product creation.

Step 3) Creation:
I create your indiv
idualized product and label it.

Step 4) Directions & Suggestions:
I will write an information sheet explaining my process for your product.  I will make any suggestions as to rituals or ways to utilize your products along with any other suggestions I might have.

Step 5) Delivery of Product:
If you're in my town I can meet you at my massage studio to hand you your product in person.  If you are not in my town I will mail your product to you.

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