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The Shamanic Experience

Me giving Reiki

The Shamanic Massage Experience

90 min  -  $125

     In this 90-minute session, I combine massage and angelic light ray energy work to provide an intuitively guided experience. Physical massage aids the body in releasing tension and receiving healing.  The angelic light ray energy work focuses on the aura and energetic system around the body.  It will help to re-balance the chakras and release attached negative energies.  I often incorporate sound healing via vocals, tuning forks, and singing bowls in my sessions as well.  Other possibilities can incorporate breathwork and guided meditation.


This is best for the body, mind, and soul all-encompassing experience.



   CBD                            $10 

- CBD oil is added and massaged into the whole body.  Great for reducing and taking the edge off of pain.


   Aromatherapy             $10 

- Incorporate essential oils into your massage based on lovely scents and added plant benefits.


   Magnesium Therapy   $6 

- Magnesium oil is added to the massage lotion to absorb into the muscles.  Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxor and can aid in calming your muscles.

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