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Garshana & Abhyanga

Garshana & Abhyanga

90 min  - $135

This is a traditional Ayurvedic massage one can get daily to maintain good health. 


It begins with Garshana which is a mild exfoliation with silk gloves that stimulates the skin and lymphatic system, increases circulation, and prepares the skin to receive healing oils administered in the next step. 


Then we begin abhyanga, a smooth rhythmic ayurvedic massage that assists in lymphatic drainage and assists the body in healing.  It utilizes healing oils that saturate and moisturize the skin. 



This massage is performed with minimal draping.  A bikini can be worn if desired.  This utilizes a lot of oil, and I mean A LOT,  as is tradition with an Ayurvedic massage.  I do not have a shower at my facility but I do have hot towels.  I recommend being able to return home to shower before meeting other life obligations after this massage.

Add-Ons Available for This Massage



   CBD                              $10 

- CBD oil is added and massaged into the whole body.  Great for reducing and taking the edge off of pain.

  Aromatherapy             $10 

-Incorporate essential oils into your massage based on lovely scents and added plant benefits.

  Magnesium Therapy   $6 

-Magnesium oil is added to the massage lotion to absorb into the muscles.  Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxor and can aid in calming your muscles.

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