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Sacred Lomi Lomi

Sacred Lomi Lomi Massage

120 min  -  $175

     Sacred Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian-style massage.  It utilizes smooth-flowing strokes designed to relax the receiver into a hypnotic-like trance.  The therapist dances around the body combining the flow of bodywork, dance, and breathwork to give you an experience unlike any other.  Feel yourself transported beyond space and time as you fully melt onto the massage table.

     We will set a healing intention at the beginning of the massage and hold the intention throughout the session.  This massage does not allow for talking so you can fully relax into it.  This session is 105 minutes of hands-on work but a 2-hour slot is allocated so you can rest for a bit afterward and come back to yourself.  Expect to be "massage drunk".  


This massage is done completely unclothed with minimal draping.  I do everything I can to create a warm and hospitable environment to help facilitate your comfort and healing.  If this is uncomfortable for you, that's okay,  this is not the massage for you, I have other offerings.

Add-Ons Available for this Massage


   CBD                              $10 

- CBD oil is added and massaged into the whole body.  Great for reducing and taking the edge off of pain.

   Aromatherapy             $10 

-Incorporate essential oils into your massage based on lovely scents and added plant benefits.

   Magnesium Therapy   $6 

-Magnesium oil is added to the massage lotion to absorb into the muscles.  Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxor and can aid in calming your muscles.

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