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24 Signs You Need Healthier Personal Boundaries

Updated: Jan 1

You have boundaries, but they don’t seem to be working. You still feel like people are taking unfair advantage of you. Your self-esteem is taking constant hits, and the criticism is unending. What gives?

Chances are you need to take a hard look at your boundaries. Perhaps the ones that used to work, don’t anymore because you aren’t the same person. Or it’s time for a tune-up so that you can not only strengthen the boundaries you have but make them healthier at the same time.

Here are some warning signs that your boundaries need work:

Photo by specphotops on Unsplash

1) When someone bullies you, and you stay silent.

2) You agree to things you don’t agree with (such as political opinions) to avoid ‘rocking the boat.’

3) You suffer from guilt anytime you do something for you.