Meet Elisha LightAngel


     I’m Elisha LightAngel a licensed massage therapist (going on 10 years), a self-empowerment coach, qigong instructor, artist, empath, and a mom.  Whew!  That's a lot of hats.

     I'm here to provide support, inspiration, guidance, motivation, and practical tools to help restore vigor and vitality, find inner peace and ignite the pleasureful experiences in life.   I help other women embrace self-care through bodywork and inspire with coaching.  



Tips & Tricks & Turnkey Tidbits.......Oh My!!! 


     Here's that little spot where you can find all sorts of musings.  Find amazing tips for taking care of yourself or gain further insight into a healthy body.  I might even spice it up with recipes and an occasional random musing.  

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